PeeringDB, a must-have for the peering community

PeeringDB, a must-have for the peering community

For the second consecutive year, France-IX renews its support to peeringDB, a must-have for the peering community. peeringDB being non profit and member-based, the funds from France-IX and the other sponsors are used to maintain the database, develop new features and cover structural costs.Today peeringDB, a free resource available on the Internet, is essential for any peering coordinator, who uses it regularly or even automatically thanks to its recent APIs.


The database contains the locations and contacts of IP networks by AS number, IXPs such as France-IX and datacenters worldwide. The combination of these three elements in one place makes the database unique and essential for the establishment of any peering agreement. As a Gold Sponsor, France-IX strongly encourages all its members to create their peeringDBaccount, if not done yet, and to take the time to update their data for existing members.

France-IX PeeringDB

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