Q4 2023 Technical Update

Q4 2023 Technical Update

Dear peers,

First of all, best wishes for this new year. We’re happy to share with you some technical news for the last quarter of 2023!


Standardization of our routing platform is nearing completion. In the last quarter, we conducted two major migrations by incorporating new Nokia devices, bringing the total number of Nokia routers in production to 15, spread across Paris, Marseille, Toulouse, Lille, and Lyon. Below are some details about these operations:

  • Lyon: Deployment of a second Nokia platform within the SFR Netcenter Datacenter

In the SFR Netcenter DC in Lyon, a second device has been deployed to accomodate customers connected to the legacy Huawei/Cisco platform. The migration of all SFR Netcenter customers to the Nokia infrastructure was completed in November. This platform features 400G ports, and services can be seamlessly extended to other cities without limitations. Following this significant migration, approximately 70% of the customer in the AURA region are now on the new Nokia infrastructure. The next steps over the next two quarters will involve completing this migration by moving all customers in the AURA region to the new infrastructure, starting with customers located at IN2P3 computer center. Additionally, a complete overhaul of the out-of-band (OOB) management network is underway.


  • Marseille: Migration from Juniper to Nokia @Digital Realty MRS2

We replaced an end-of-life Juniper EX9214 with Nokia SR-2S equipment. The platform has enough 100G ports to meet the significant growth experienced in this PoP.

This presented an opportunity to upgrade the redundant nx10G backbone links going to the core PoP Digital Realty MRS1. We replaced them with nx100G links, allowing up to 400G capacity on each redundant path. This migration was carried out by reusing available Nokia PSI-M DWDM devices from Paris.

Additionally, capacity was expanded in the Free Pro MRS1 PoP, with the replacement of nx10G links by nx100G links.



A few figures about Q4-2023:


  • New customer ports (including upgrades):
    • 10G: 17 ports
    • 100G: 14 ports
    • 400G: 0 port


  • Availability:
    • Lille: 100%
    • Lyon: 99.977%
    • Marseille: 100%
    • Paris: 100%
    • Toulouse: 100%


  • NOC service:
    • NOC tickets handled: 79


  • Traffic peak: During this quarter, we have surpassed the symbolic threshold of 3Tbps of traffic, taking into account all regions.


  • Outages:
    • Lyon – 24/10/2023 : A router became unstable after losing synchronization with another stacked-router (split brain), resulting in a 30-minute outage.
    • Lyon : 26/10/2023 : We experienced an outage affecting a router located at the IN2P3 Computing Center. This instability impacted the reachability of 8 peers connected to the HosteLyon PoP during 38 minutes.


Upcoming projects and operations

  • Equinix PA6 migration: Customers will be migrated during Q1-2024 from an Extreme SLX to 2 diverse Nokia SR devices, supporting 800G interfaces.

  • AURA region: Completion of the Nokia migration.

  • Launching of Microsoft Azure Peering Service (MAPS) during Q1-2024.

  • Join us for the France-IX Tour @Lyon on February 1st: France-IX Tour #5 : Lyon.


If you want more technical information, you can follow our large panel of twitter accounts (@as51706 for Paris, @as42064 for Marseille, @as43100 for Lyon, @as47184 for Toulouse and @as62228 for Lille).

Happy peering with us,

France-IX technical team





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