Back to the RIPE trainings hosted by France-IX Marseille

Back to the RIPE trainings hosted by France-IX Marseille

On May 31, June 1 and 2, France-IX hosted 2 RIPE Training Courses: LIR and RIPE database, and BGP operation and security training course.

We want to thank the RIPE NCC Training Services, the Business and Management School in Marseille EMD and the Aix-Marseille French Tech for their support, as well as our 2 datacenter partners Interxion and Jaguar Network for our joint social events, and last but not least the 22 participants from Marseille, Toulon, Lyon, Toulouse, Nice, Paris or in other parts of Europe (England, Ireland, Sweden) for joining us and for our members to be always active in the Paris and Marseille community!

« Thank you for this great course in a very pleasant environment with a professional RIPE team and an excellent France-IX host. I am now ready to fine tune my BGP practice. » Thomas Okallo, Telecom Backbone Director, Flowline Technologies

« I have always wanted to see Marseille and did not know what to expect. I felt very welcomed, attendees were engaged and eager to learn. France-IX organization was excellent. After the training days, we managed to relax, see the city and get to know the participants better. » Ferenc Csorba, Trainer, RIPE NCC Training Services.

RIPE - France-IX Training

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