The France-IX General Meeting will be held Thursday 11 May in Paris. With the GM comes the time to elect new members for the Board. If you share our vision and values described and wish to join the adventure for the next 3 years, please send your application or spread the word around you!

How many seats are available?

Two seats are to be renewed.

Who should apply?

If you have a professional experience in telecoms/Internet/network interconnection, if you want to be part of France-IX community and if you have time to do so, a great opportunity opens up for you.

You can apply, whether your company is a member or not of France-IX, except if you are already a board member of another Internet Exchange Point, or if you already work for another Internet Exchange Point.

For these seats, more than technical skills, it is expected to benefit from your knowledge from the market, your capacity to identify and collect needs and to express a vision and contribute to the development of France-IX.

The duration of the mandate for a board member is 3 years.

The main missions of the board members are:

  • Participate to monthly conference calls (1 hour);
  • Participate to face-to-face meetings (twice a year, full day);
  • Represent the association France-IX, and be a spokesperson;
  • Make the link with the France-IX’s community, especially to collect needs and expectations;
  • Contribute to the strategy of France-IX, help to define new services and bring high-level advice to the CEO.

All board members must sign a Code of Conduct, in relation with the confidential nature of the information they will have access to, and to guarantee neutrality in decision-making processes, and avoid any potential conflict of interest.

How and when should I apply?

Your resume along with max 300-word statements in English should be submitted to prior to Wednesday 5 April 2023.

Please note that your application is subject to review by France-IX current Board before being validated and shared with the voters.

The vote is electronic and stays open until the defined hour during the General Meeting (Thursday 11 May 2023). The candidate who receives the greatest number of votes is elected and announced at the end of the GM day, as well as on France-IX’s website and social networks the day after. Two seats will be renewed on this day.

What should I expect?

France-IX Board Members do not get any kind of salary, bonus or discounts on peering services. Only expenses during the face-to-face meetings may be reimbursed.

France-IX Board Members get fulfilled by their involvement in a professional eco-system of over 500 members and their contribution to help France-IX to grow year after year. Actually, technical matters are rarely discussed during Board Meetings but instead Board Members contribute to bring innovation, ideas with member satisfaction, and more generally, ideas to keep improving France-IX performance and services, and finally they are the guardians of France-IX sustainability in the long term.

See the list of the current Board Members (bottom of the page).

Question, comment, concern?

If you have any question and would like more information, please contact the President of France IX Services:


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