Expereo offers France-IX members a free trial of its BGP Optimisation solution

Expereo offers France-IX members a free trial of its BGP Optimisation solution

France-IX members have the option to test the XCA Edge BGP Optimisation software toolkit for their network, for free, without any purchasing commitment towards this Marketplace partner.

Created and developed in France, the XCA Edge tool was originally called Border 6 NSI, before Border 6 was acquired by the network management company Expereo. For the interested France-IX members, no physical network changes are required, just a VLAN and some basic configuration are needed to set up the service.

XCA Edge improves the performance and reliability of your network, transit providers and peering partners with automated BGP routing optimisation. You can also benefit from:

  • Automated CDR management to avoid data overage costs.
  • A DDoS automation tool that doesn’t rely on signatures, so recognises any attack instantly and can enforce your chosen DDoS policies far faster than any human.
  • Detailed reporting to give you deep insight into your current network and for future planning and optimisation.

“We are pleased to offer this trial to our fellow France IX members who want to assess the impact of BGP optimisation on their network. Today, there are strong reasons to operate BGP optimisers. The BGP protocol, while robust and scalable, is not adapted to the current Internet. It doesn’t know anything about link capacity, doesn’t apply performance analytics and can easily drive links into saturation, introducing packet loss. Also, it is not aware of commercial agreements like CDR, generating costs that could be prevented. It also, of course, ignores the performance of available paths,” highlights Francois Devienne, who co-created the XCA Edge software.

For more information, or to sign up for this free trial, please contact directly francois.devienne_at_expereo.com or cedric.simon_at_expereo.com.

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