Q2 2018 technical update

Q2 2018 technical update

Below is our technical report for the second quarter of 2018, summarising past and current operations on France-IX’s infrastructure:


  • Paris Backbone upgrades:

– Equinix PA6 PoP migration: PA6 members have been moved to an Extreme SLX-9850 chassis, 8 slots version, in order to provide more 100G ports. Coriant Groove G30, DWDM optical boxes, have been installed to provide 2x400G of capacity between PA6 and PAR5/TH2 core PoPs. 400G between PA6 and TH2 are already available, 400G between PA6 and PAR5 will be activated in the following days.


  • Marseille backbone upgrades:

– New France-IX MRS2 PoP: France-IX has opened a third point of presence in the new Interxion datacenter MRS2 to increase resilience and meet anticipated growth in interconnection demand. MRS2 France-IX PoP was activated in May. 1G, 10G and 100G ports are available.

– In order to address the increasing demand of 100G ports, new 100G linecards have been installed in Interxion MRS1 PoP in May.

– Route servers: New physical servers hosting route servers services have been installed. BGP sessions will be moved during the summer.


  • Key technical numbers for Q2-2018 :

Customer ports connected in the last 3 months:

1G: 6 ports

10G: 12 ports

100G: 3 ports

Availability for Q2-2018:


Paris: 100%

Marseille: 100%


  • Next main actions:

OS upgrade campaign in Paris for Extreme SLX platform: We plan to upgrade the firmware from 17r.1.01a to 17r.1.01b on Extreme SLX-9850 platform. We will start with Interxion PAR5 PoP (July, 24th 2018) and the following week, we will perform Telehouse 2 PoP upgrade.

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