PeeringDB: a number of new features to support the platform’s growth

PeeringDB: a number of new features to support the platform’s growth

As a Gold Sponsor for the 4th consecutive year, France-IX has been fully committed to bring its support to PeeringDB, the non-profit database that has become essential for peering coordinators. The free resource available online gathers in one place all the information on interconnection facilities and IP networks worldwide, making it necessary to create and update your profile to wholly benefit from the interconnection opportunities. A PeeringDB record is indeed required by many networks to be able to peer with them.

Were you aware that a wide range of improvements and new features have been brought lately to the platform? We have listed here all the innovations that will definitely contribute to enhance the tool:


  • A new branding was recently introduced, along with a set of graphics that capture together the evolving scope of PeeringDB as a resource of interconnection.


  • The infrastructure has moved to the cloud and is now primarily hosted on Amazon AWS, with multiple instances for redundancy and improved performance.



  • PeeringDB is now available in French! Translations are now growing in number and there is a website available to assist in the process. Full details here:




To access all recent presentations and materials from PeeringDB, please refer to the following page:

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