Q1 2019 Technical Update

Q1 2019 Technical Update

The France-IX team is happy to update you about the main technical actions and projects carried on during the first 2019 quarter:


  • PASS service: Paris/Marseille interconnection

After requesting many companies for proposals, we selected 2 optical capacity providers, BICS and GTT to deploy two 100G links between Paris and Marseille. Our choice was based on two main aspects: financial and technical. We wanted to keep PASS service affordable for everyone, while as well providing the best quality possible. That is why we selected two direct paths, one via Lyon and another via Clermont-Ferrand enabling us to achieve an RTD lower than 12ms for both links. For purposes of potential traffic growth, we also made sure that our capacity providers would be able to perform upgrades at reasonable financial and technical conditions.


  • Extension of France-IX Paris peering LAN from /23 to /22

France-IX Paris growth is fast enough to trigger the move from IPv4 subnet prefix to subnet prefix. Today, 60% of members have already changed their netmask to /22, nonetheless there are still 40% of members who still need to perform this simple operation. Please, do it quickly!


  • Small and medium PoP upgrade

We wish to gain a better 100G port density in various small and medium PoPs. Tests were performed on devices in our lab, that gave us a better idea on the platforms we wish to select. We are now ready to launch the tender and compare different vendors.


  • Platform monitoring: 

We developed some tools in order to better monitor flood traffic in the platform, react faster and be able to identify easily members or PoPs causing this flood.


  • Telemetry and AI:

Our partnership with AIforNet and Augtera is still ongoing. Our goal is to get intelligent and proactive analysis of all the data we collect everyday. We are currently testing telemetry features on our devices in order to ease data collection and increase the overall accuracy.


Key technical figures for Q1-2019: 

  • Customer ports connected in the past 3 months: 
    – 1G: 4 ports
    – 10G: 25 ports
    – 100G: 6 ports


  •   Availability for Q1-2019: 
    – Paris: 99,91%
    – Marseille: 100%


  • NOC tickets for Q1-2019: 88 tickets



Main outages during Q1-2019:

– 14/01/2019: Global issue with packet loss for several members. Traffic between members connected to SLX1 and SLX2 TH2 was impacted. Flooding was observed between 12:21 and 16:08.
– 22/01/201: Issues between Interxion PAR5 and SLX2.TH2 device, 10 members on PAR5 PoP were not able to reach SLX2.TH2 during 16 hours
– 04/03/2019: MM switchover on SLX2.TH2. Issues observed between SLX2.TH2 and DC3 after a Management module switchover, 10 members impacted during 75mins

Next main actions and mid/long term projects: 

– New member portal development: in an effort to provide more information to all of you, we are enhancing our “tools” portal. The new version is planned for Q2.

– Paris/Marseille interconnection: complete activation of 2x100G capacity between Paris and Marseille for PASS service

– Migration of PA7 and PAR1, in order to support 100G interfaces and have more 1G/10G ports, Extreme MLX boxes will be replaced by Juniper EX9200 during Q2.

– Launch of tender to compare and select a vendor for small and medium PoPs

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