HOPUS extends its “FLAT” offer for new France-IX members

HOPUS extends its “FLAT” offer for new France-IX members

Whether in Paris or Marseille, HOPUS renews its “FLAT” access offer for new members.

In order to encourage you to evaluate the quality of the exchanges with its members, HOPUS has set up a temporary offer (called ‘FLAT’) under the following conditions:

  • One-year commitment
  • Monthly payment by direct debit
  • No port charge
  • Unlike the traditional HOPUS model, no remuneration for incoming traffic on your network
  • For a sustained use beyond 80% of the subscribed VLAN, the member commits to evolve towards a more appropriate rate
    • Beyond 1.5 times the nominal traffic coming out of the VLAN, the traffic will be limited
    • No limit applies to incoming traffic in your network
      (Usage will be measured using the 95-percentile method)


Your competitiveness is perpetually challenged? To cope with these challenges, join a new and powerful player who has integrated the profound changes of the Internet. By proposing a fair business model, avoiding heavy and unnecessary fancy features, by operating an end-to-end controlled infrastructure, HOPUS has already convinced many European players, whether they are access providers (Orange, DTAG, Telefonica, Free, SFR, …) or content providers (Scaleway, Blade, Infomaniak, Dailymotion, …)

The connectivity service proposed by HOPUS, as an hybrid service between peering and transit, is currently not offered by any other Internet player.

In addition to your existing peering agreements at France-IX, HOPUS offers to join the other networks that are already members and for which you would not be qualified by their peering policies or simply in order not to multiply these agreements.

By joining the HOPUS community, you will be able, de facto, to exchange your traffic directly.

Facing the localization of your data exchanges, your transit supplier does not offer you any performance guarantee and its relevance is becoming questionable. By joining HOPUS, you will benefit from a low latency and high availability infrastructure and increased security. Your connectivity must evolve: the rigor that HOPUS puts behind all its decisions is the guarantee of a very high-quality service.

Subscribe now to the offer on https://hopus.net or contact sales@hopus.net!

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