Q4 2018 Technical Update

Q4 2018 Technical Update

Our technical report for Q4 2018 is now available. Check out the below to see the main actions undertaken during the last quarter 2018:

  • Paris/Marseille interconnection: we launched a tender to deploy capacity between Paris and Marseille as announced during our last General Meeting. We are comparing providers and 2x100G of capacity will be deployed by the end of Q1 2019. We will provide you with additional information about offers to use this interconnection soon.
  • Small and medium PoP upgrade: we are currently testing solutions in our lab in order to increase capacity in small and medium PoPs where we need more 100G density. The concerned PoPs in the short term are Interxion PAR1, Equinix PA7 and Telehouse 3, and in the medium term, Iliad DC2, Iliad DC3, Interxion PAR2 and Equinix PA6

Key technical numbers for Q4-2018:

  • Customer ports connected in the last 3 months:

– 1G: 1 port

– 10G: 11 ports

– 100G: 5 ports

  • Availability for Q4-2018:

– Paris: 99.998%

– Marseille: 99.992%

  • NOC tickets for Q4-2018: 64 tickets

Main outages during Q4-2018:

– 16/10/2018    Issues on a linecard at Interxion MRS1 PoP, impacting 20 members among 50 between 16:42 and 16:53
– 30/12/2018    Issues on a linecard at Online DC2 PoP, impacting 3 members among 402 during 5 hours.

Next main actions:

– New member portal: In order to provide additional information, we are enhancing our member portal. New version will be available in March.
– Paris/Marseille interconnection: Deployment of 2x100G capacity

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