[Video] France-IX marketplace: what the users say

[Video] France-IX marketplace: what the users say

The France-IX Marketplace adds value to all France-IX peering members by enabling them to buy IP related services other than those provided by France-IX easily, cost-effectively and in record activation times from the eleven sellers available on the Marketplace today.

Two years after its introduction, we wanted to collect experiences directly from users on the occasion of our last General Meeting. Who else can indeed better describe the experience, benefits and solutions brought by the platform? Christophe Assens, Net1C CEO and Cédric Bornecque, W3Tel CEO agreed to share their experience of the France-IX marketplace.

For the two users, buying services through the France-IX marketplace brought real advantages in terms of cost efficiency.

Cost optimisation is indeed created through seamless provision of the service they buy and how simple it is; members already have a port in place and there is no need for them to order a new cross-connect, so all they have to do is manage their existing port. Moreover, when members use their ports for peering only, there is usually some unused capacity on them that could be partly filled by subscribing to additional services and so optimizing the cost of the peering port. Further cost benefits are gained from multiple sellers of the same service offering competitive pricing.

In addition to the cost saving, Christophe Assens highlighted the significant time saving allowed by the marketplace, allowing to prevent the set-up of new cross connects and to avoid some specific conditions from sellers in the traditional circuit, thus facilitating the whole purchasing.

Cédric Bornecque confirmed the many advantages of using the marketplace, mainly connecting directly and more easily to some sellers like Orange and have a flawless connection with added-value services.

To start your Marketplace traffic, check out the latest list of Marketplace sellers and their contacts here.

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