COVID-19 situation status

COVID-19 situation status

France-IX is committed to keep up with its mission to providing an interconnection platform and to be a facilitatorAs a major player of the Internet in France, France-IX has undertaken all necessary measures to ensure protection and security of his employees, prevent unsanitary living conditions, keep services up and running and help customers boost their capacities to cope with anticipated traffic increase potentially due to remote work.

Impact on France-IX services:
Current France-IX traffic has reached an unprecedented level on its Paris and Marseille POPs, representing a 10 to 15 % increase since the 18th of March. However, there is nothing to worry about as data traffic increase is already planned and Network infrastructure has just been massively upgraded with hefty equipment featuring pre-provisioned ports for additional customer needs.

Continuity of activity plan :
No interruption or downgrade of services is to be feared thanks to the implementation of our continuity plan:

• NOC operated by teleworkers and on-call operators.
• Use of  ” remote hands and eyes ” privileged when onsite operations in datacenters are necessary
• Pre-installed cables already available between France-IX racks and ” Meet-me-Rooms ” allow instant customer delivery without onsite operations

Business continuity :

• France-IX has launched special offers to ease capacity upgrades and cope with sudden internet traffic increase
• Remote work has already been adopted by France-IX Collaborators two years ago so no significant change is to be expected.

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