S1 2021 Technical Update

S1 2021 Technical Update

A technical update from the six last months, which were rich in deployments and new developments at France-IX, is now available:

General news

  • Scaleway DC2 and DC3 PoPs upgraded

In line with the deployments made in 2020, Scaleway DC2 and DC3 PoPs have been also upgraded. Extending the range of products we use on the Nokia 7750 SR-s baseline, we chose the SR-1s for those two medium scale PoPs with the exact same feature set we have on other datacenters. The two chassis have been installed, providing a higher 100G density on these PoPs where traffic is always increasing.

For Scaleway DC2, we took the opportunity to upgrade backbone links with muxponders. Dark fibers connecting DC2 are now lighted by two 200G lambdas transporting 4x100G to each core PoP (Interxion PAR5 et Telehouse 2). This setup was already deployed at DC3.

  • Building a 100G network between Paris, Lyon and Marseille

Following the merger between France-IX and Rezopole, we built a ring with 100G links between Paris, Lyon and Marseille. We are relying on different wave providers, BICS, GTT and ZAYO. Then, we are able to provide redundant paths, enabling us to provide a low latency and no SPOF service. Remote peering and layer 2 transport services will be available soon from Lyon to Paris and Marseille in the following months.

If you are already interested, you can already contact our sales team!

  • New PoP : DATA4 Marcoussis

Following our long term strategy to aggregate a large diversity of members, we are ready to open this PoP, located in the south of Paris, in the following days and some members are ready to get connected. As usual, this PoP is following our redundant technical design : 2 diverse dark fibers connected to core PoPs with 200G of initial capacity on each link.

Moreover, for this new PoP, we have deployed the first link supporting our 10G/100G wave circuit offer (branded as PNI-Wave). A first customer already ordered a circuit.

  • New private room : Telehouse 2 – Léon Frot

A private room has been opened in the brand new Telehouse datacenter, on Leon Frot street. This room has been designed following a mirror logic, then your services could be locally redundant (intra-room) or multi-PoP redundant. We will consider Telehouse 2 – Léon Frotas a completely different PoP than Telehouse 2. A 400G-enabled chassis will be activated this summer, stay tuned for pricing offers!

Two local Meet me Room, based on Huber+Suhner LISA and MTP24 interconnexions has been installed, making the room design entirely redundant and scalable, ready to manage thousands of fibers.

A granular hosting service will be available in the next months, focused on hosting network oriented devices.

  • Trends on 100G

For the first time of our history, we have delivered more 100G than 10G ports on the last two quarters. We reached also an symbolic milestone : 100 x 100G member ports activated.
Finally, all the PoPs in Paris and Marseille have now at least one 100G member connected and we are observing a growing interest in Lyon.

Key figures

A few figures about Q1-Q2-2021:

  • New customer ports (including upgrades)
    • 10G: 22 ports
    • 100G: 25 ports
  • Availability during Q1-Q2-2021 & NOC service
    • Paris: >99.999%
    • Lyon : 100%
    • Marseille: 100%
    • NOC tickets handled: 113
  • Outages:
    • Juniper EX9214 : Issues on 10G FPC linecards impacting 4 members at Interxion PAR1 and 6 members at Scaleway DC3
    • Nokia 7750 SR-2S : Short port’s flap occurred at Interxion PAR5. The problem occurred while applying a minor configuration change. The commit process did not happen as expected. A workaround has been found.

Upcoming projects and operations

  • Introduction of P-routers in Paris architecture to optimize interconnection capacities ;
  • Introduction of 400G in some PoPs ;
  • Migration of Telehouse 3 to a denser 100G platform.


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